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Sir William Herschel

Sir Frederick William Herschel, FRS KH (15 November 1738-25 August 1822) was a German-born British astronomer and composer who became famous for discovering the planet Uranus. He also discovered infrared radiation and made many other discoveries in astronomy.

He was born Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel in Hanover, Germany, as one of ten children (of whom four died very young), of Isaac Herschel (1707-1767) a member of the Hanover Military Band. Although Isaac was of Jewish birth, his wife was a Christian and the children were raised as Christians. In 1755 the Hanoverian Guards regiment, in whose band William and his brother Jacob were engaged, was ordered to England. At the time, the crowns of England and Hanover were united under George II. He learned English quickly and, at age nineteen, he changed his name to Frederick William Herschel.

He became a successful music teacher and bandleader, played the violin, the oboe and, later, the organ. He composed numerous musical works, including 24 symphonies and many concertos, as well as some church music. His music is largely forgotten today. After a career leading orchestras in Newcastle, Leeds and Halifax (he was organist at the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Halifax, West Yorkshire), he became organist of the Octagon Chapel, Bath, in which town he was also Director of Public Concerts. His sister Caroline came to England and lived with him there in New King Street. His brothers Dietrich, Alexander and Jacob (1734-1792) also appeared as musicians in Bath.

Herschel's music led him to an interest in mathematics, and hence to astronomy. This interest grew stronger after 1773, and he built some telescopes and made the acquaintance of Nevil Maskelyne. He observed the Moon, measuring the heights of lunar mountains, and also worked on a catalog of double stars.

The turning point in Herschel's life was 13 March 1781, while he was living at 19 New King Street, Bath, when he made the first sighting of the planet Uranus. This made him famous and enabled him to turn to astronomy full-time. Naming the new planet Georgium Sidus, Latin for "George's Star", in honour of King George III also brought him favour (the name didn't stick - in France, where reference to the English king was to be avoided if possible, the planet was known as 'Herschel' until the name 'Uranus' was universally adopted). That same year, Herschel was awarded the Copley Medal and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1782, he was appointed "The King’s Astronomer" and he and his sister subsequently moved to Datchet (then in Buckinghamshire but now in Berkshire) on 1 August 1782. He continued his work as a telescope maker, selling a number of them to other astronomers.

He died in August 1822.

It seems Herschel reincarnated and became someone famous. Although we do need to reincarnate, we do not need to become famous people and change the course and evolution of human history for better or worse. But something drives us to outshine our peers and leave our mark. We are talking, of course, about ego.

It is ego that makes many of us identify with famous dead people and claim their lives as our own past lives. This is a serious misunderstanding of reincarnation.

How do we find out what became of Sir Frederick William Herschel?

How Not To Do It

This is how Joseph R. Myers went about it:

This is one of those cases of the rebirth of a very outstanding scientist that was set in Myers' path so that he could not miss it. In the process of looking up something else, the picture of Sir William Herschel shown above came to his attention. It was only natural for Myers to be struck by the physical resemblance which then triggered the investigation of the possibility that Herschel had been reborn as Albert Einstein. In this case, there was some very special evidence of the kind that would not be expected in the lives of two men noted as scientists. Both were accomplished violinists. Herschel was born Frederich Wilhelm Herschel of Hanover, Germany. His family was Jewish and he was educated for a career in music. He moved to England to make his living as a music teacher, organist, and concert master. His interest in astronomy was stimulated early by his father and he developed the talent to construct superb telescopes, along with expanding his knowledge of astronomy. His work came to the attention of King George III and he was offered the position of court astronomer. Herschel is credited with the discovery of the planet Uranus and his work made a great mark in the field of astronomy. The parallels in the character and talents of Einstein and Sir William Herschel are as remarkable as those of their features. It is a wonderful thing to realize that a great man like Herschel takes his talents and development with him and returns to express them again among his fellowman.

Joseph R. Myers

Not a bad try. There are some parallels and the picture provided has some resemblance to Albert Einstein.

But is it just a little too subjective?

Myer's findings for Madonna also seem very unsatisfactory because of the overlap of lifetimes.
Madonna was born in 1958, before Marilyn Monroe's death. People get around this inconvenience by creating the concept of parallel lives. A concept that is false.
So what has gone wrong?

It is likely that she was ridiculed and humiliated after telling a few people of her memory of having been Marilyn Monroe. The memories were probably so real to her that it did not occur to her that there might be an overlap between her birth and Marilyn Monroe's death. Many who may consider themselves knowledgeable concerning reincarnation have no real background of research or study. But they make assumptions which they believe have ironclad validity. The assumption that a soul-entity cannot possibly be reborn before the passing of the previous physical body is an example of such an assumption.

It is not common but examples of such are often brought to the attention of the public unknowingly. How can this occur? It is demonstrated when an exceptionally gifted child, a child prodigy, displays the talents of a natural musician, mathematician, or artist, which it acquired with little training as soon as its little body was coordinated enough to express such.

There have been many feature stories done from time to time on such child prodigies. One soul-entity with two bodies is a condition which may also occur in the case of identical twins. This seems to be quite rare but when it occurs, either of the twins can immediately tell the current circumstances and activities of its twin. If separated at birth, such identical twins lead phenomenally similar lives, even living close to each other with no conscious knowledge of each other.

It appears to have been a case of overlap with regard to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 but Madonna was born four years earlier in 1958. The character, talent and physical appearance, combined with the memories experienced by Madonna, appear to validate the reality of this being a case of an overlapping rebirth.

Joseph R. Myers

The idea that people know how to interpret their experiences of possible past life memories is a serious error that hypnotherapists also encourage when they assume that their clients have the ability to view the Akashic Records in deep trance states. Again this is false.

Facial Resemblances

Here are some more pictures of Herschel. How do they compare with Einstein?

It is always surprising that people who insist that facial similarities are very important seem to lack the objective conviction to test the similarities from all angles and to consider the different
stages of a person's life- childhood, teenage years, adulthood, middle age and old age.

The same thing happened with the Sherrie Lea Laird/Marilyn Monroe case.
The fact that Marilyn Monroe had her chin and nose altered with plastic surgery seems to be totally forgotten.

Sir John Herschel (Son of Sir William Herschel) looks more like Einstein.


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